• Plan Creation and Analysis
  • Plan Implementation or Assumption
  • Plan Administration
  • Plan Valuations and Accounting
  • Plan Documentation, Amendments or Restatements
  • Participant Distribution

Pentec provides the following:

  • Determination of eligibility, benefits, contributions, forfeitures, top heavy status, allocation of investment gains or losses, vesting and plan coverage.
  • Preparation of Annual Statements to Participants showing benefits and, where applicable, allocation of contributions, forfeitures, and gains or losses.
  • Maintenance of records of all employees, including those not eligible to participate, with respect to breaks in service, hours worked, birth dates, dates of hire, marital status, beneficiaries, and survivorship benefit obligation.
  • Annual testing of plans to insure compliance for minimum participation requirements, compensation limits, deferral limits, deductibility limits, discrimination requirements, allocation limits and top heavy requirements.
  • Calculation and preparation of benefits statements for employees who terminate by reason of death, disability, retirement, or employment termination.
  • Preparation of all Summary Reports.
  • Assistance for the Employer (or Administrative Committee) in establishing administrative procedures and developing the necessary forms and systems to complete such procedures.
  • Continual monitoring of the Plan for changes in the law and notification of the Employer of how those changes necessitate any plan changes.
  • Coordination of duties of Trustees, Plan Administrator, Accountant, Attorney, and other advisors so as to ensure trouble-free operation of the Plan.
  • Calculation of liquidity requirements for investments to assure that terminating participants' cash needs can be met.
  • Calculation of amounts to be distributed to terminating employees.
  • Preparation of IRS Forms 5500, 5500-SF, 5500-EZ, 8955-SSA, 5330, 1099-R & 945.


What Really Matters

Our Services

Seasoned Professionals. Proven Experience.  Creative Solutions.

When you select a Third Party Administrator (TPA), you’re typically entering into a long-term relationship. We urge you to choose carefully – one which will suit the individuality of your employees and their needs, and one which has the professional staff, experience and record of achievement that will serve those needs best over the long haul.
If you wish you could hire a specialized professional staff to manage your employee pension program, we could be the answer to your wishes. Call Pentec for a no-obligation proposal.

We have two locations to service your needs:

We approach the creation of retirement programs from a unique perspective. Your company has special needs and goals for a retirement benefit program. Pentec never tries to conform your company to a pre-packaged plan. When you hire Pentec, you gain a professional staff that assess your company’s needs and goals and creates an individualized program to achieve your goals.

We create individualized plans to meet your individualized goals.
Once you have approved the perfect Pentec plan to suit your company’s requirements, we assume third party administrative responsibilities of your plan for your employees. We manage IRS submissions and all reports– even employee communication pertaining to your plan.
Our professional staff becomes your company’s professional staff. We are responsible for keeping your plan running smoothly and in compliance – even with the newest legislation. You concentrate on running your business, we concentrate on keeping you in compliance.

Plan Valuations - Actuarial Certification - Non-Discrimination Testing - 415 Limitation Calculations - Employer Cost Determination - Gain/Loss and Forfeiture Allocation - Annual Return/Report Forms (5500 Series) - Individual Participant Statements- Summary Annual Reports - Plan Termination - Plan Document Restatement

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